Members Interest: September, 2019

Saltburn Golf Club Go Crazy!

Saltburn Golf Club Go Crazy!

Pictured above is Andrew Smith and Charlie Bell stood alongside the Saltburn Golf Club advertising board situated at Saltburn Minigolf.

"I joined Saltburn golf club in March 2018 and during this time I’ve found the club and people within it to be very welcoming and friendly. The facilities are first class and some of the views on the course are breathtaking , I’ve had a few lessons and bought new equipment from Mike in the pro-shop who gave me excellent advice and support during the process. I’ve really enjoyed my golf and getting to know people around the club. I’ve attended a couple of functions and must say that the catering facilities are excellent, for me the club has the full package.

It seemed a natural fit to work with Charlie to market the club at Saltburn Minigolf, and we are proud to be involved. We get a lot of visitors throughout the year and all have a tenuous link to Golf so it represents a great opportunity to work in partnership and try and increase our green fees and ultimately our membership through the local community and our visitors from all over the country."

Andrew Smith

Saltburn Golf Club would like to thank Andrew for his support

An Unfortunate ‘Hold-Up’ 

Golfers regularly experience their share of luck……. both good and bad. But when bad luck strikes during the first round of the Club Championship you just know it’s not your day. Mike (Chick) Vickers was playing his first round with Don Stubbs and Craig Welford when on the 12th hole his tee shot bounced and hit the solitary tree on the fairway. He could have reasonably expected his ball to fall gently to ground level (according to golfing folklore, trees are 80% fresh air aren’t they??) but no – Chick’s ball decided to stick up in the tree at a height of about 3 metres. A good back-handed shot got Chick back into play but please don’t ask him to share his thoughts on tree conservation just yet!

Tree 1-0 Chick

Tree 1-0 Chick



You may have recently noticed the two scarecrows that have been guarding the entrance to the golf club carpark? The pair were created by Beryl Morris and our Lady Captain, Sue Fleck. Beryl is the artist of the two and took the lead in the art of stuffing leggings with foam, shirts with pillows and most importantly searching charity shops for suitable clothing. Many thanks are due to the Emmanuel Church shop for sourcing the waistcoat and stuffing material.

 The Golf Club scarecrows were part of the ‘Scarecrow Trail’ effort in Saltburn and the entire event was a great success. All monies raised will be used in aid of the Christmas lights for the town.

 There have been several suggestions as to who ‘modelled’ for the pair but all likeness to any member of the golf club, either past or present is purely coincidental. The two characters that were created are purely the result of the materials that were available and Beryl’s imagination.  Any suggestions regarding what to do with them now would be very welcome – the pair are currently sitting in the lady’s locker room taking up valuable space and scaring club visitors.

Saltburn Golf Clubs Lady Scarecrow
Saltburn Golf Clubs Gentleman Scarecrow

Golf Club Social

 The 125 Celebration Summer Ball took place on Saturday, 10th August in the golf club lounge. It was a very well attended and enjoyable event and there was a really lovely atmosphere throughout. The food was excellent and thanks, as always, go to the catering and bar staff for their hard work in making the evening run smoothly. Martin, who provided the disco, played a mix of ballroom and popular music, and the dance floor was very well used!! While not dancing tables completed two rounds of quiz questions kindly created by Dorothy Falconer, the quiz was marked and prizes awarded.

It is hoped that this can perhaps become an annual event if sufficient members are interested in supporting it.  Massive thanks to Penni Hughf  for organising this event .

Quiz Dates – 2019

Please note the following quiz dates for the remainder of the year:

Friday 13th September

Friday 25th October

Friday 22nd November

Friday 27th December

Regular Saltburn Golf Club quizzers will be attending no doubt, but any new members and teams would be more than welcome. Why not come along, give it a try and have a fun night in friendly company.

As part of the work being undertaken by the Marketing & Social Media team, the club is keen to ensure that reviews of the course and associated facilities from visiting golfers are appropriately captured and taken into account for the future benefit and improvement of the club. The views of club members are equally important and internal reviews can be undertaken and posted via the

In Memory of Past Members and Friends

It is with deep regret that we advise the passing of Faye Woodhouse who died during August at 90 years of age. Faye was Lady Captain of Saltburn Golf Club in 1993 and was a long-standing member of the club. Our deepest sympathies go to Faye’s husband and family.

We Are Modest