Members Interest: October, 2019


A Month of Highs and Lows

Imagine the immense pleasure with which past captain, Peter Wilson, recorded his first-ever ‘hole in one’ at the seventeenth hole at Wetherby Golf club on August 29 that the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs (YUGC) Autumn 2 Member’s event. Peter is a gentleman in, let’s say, his ‘senior years’ and has been golfing for quite some time. Our congratulations to him! The first picture below shows Peter alongside the tray of customary whiskey glasses for his fellow players on the bar at Wetherby GC. The second picture shows Peter being presented for his hole-in-one achievement by YUGC President, Kevin Tucker, at the YUGC Invitation event staged at SGC on Thursday 19th September.

wisky hole in one.png
peter Wilson - hole in one.png

But how the mighty can fall! Just a few weeks later and Peter, as Captain of the North Team at Cave Castle (near Hull), in the North vs South Match (which has been contested keenly for many years), sadly puts his ball in the water hazard at the ninth hole. The ball must have been very special (a new Harry Vardon Cross-out, perhaps?) because Peter went to great lengths (literally!) to retrieve it. Before his playing partners realised, Peter, having slipped off the bank, was on all fours in the black slimy marsh at the edge of the hazard and they had to race to his rescue and pull him out. Peter’s demise was the subject of much discussion and jocularity later that evening and has earned him the lifetime nickname of “Swampy”!! 

Peter is pictured below on the day after, pointing out the scene of his ‘accident’, having thrown away his golf glove and had a thoroughly good scrub down!

Peter AKA Swampy

Peter AKA Swampy


Quiz Dates – 2019

Please note the following quiz dates for the remainder of the year:

Friday 25th October

Friday 22nd November

Friday 27th December

Regular Saltburn Golf Club quizzers will be attending no doubt, but any new members and teams would be more than welcome. Why not come along, give it a try and have a fun night in friendly company.

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