Greens Notice: September, 2019


Firstly, a big thanks to all members for their patience and understanding whilst the greens were being hollow-tined during August. There was nothing we could do about the weather during the first week, when we had planned to have the work completed, but we opened the course as soon as we knew that we were struggling. We only managed to complete 8 greens and the putting green during the first week and had to unfortunately close the course on Monday 19th August to enable the completion of work on the remaining greens. Further thanks are due to the many helpers who assisted the completion of the tining programme on this extra day – without their help we would have needed to close the course for longer!

It always seems a shame to be doing the hollow-tining work at a time of year when the greens are in generally great shape but for the work to be effective it needs to be carried out when the soil conditions are right and sadly this can’t be left until later. With this bit of essential maintenance out of the way for another year, the greens team are slowly catching up on other work and grass cutting around the course.

Finally, a further thanks to Alan Harrison who is continuing to help with the cutting of green surrounds and approaches – he is doing a great job!


Don Stubbs – Greens Chair

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