Competitions News: August, 2019


Andy Nelson won the Captain's Day competition on Saturday 13th July with 43 stableford points.

The Mc Bain Cup (medal) Final on Saturday 20th July was won by James Pearson with a Round 1 score of net 69 and a Round 2 score of net 70. It just goes to show what a strange game golf can be when you look at some of the characteristics of James’ two rounds that day. He put his ball in the bunker on 9th hole whilst playing the 7th, but managed to get the ball back onto the green and only dropped 1 shot to par. He eagled the 16th hole and his second round commenced with a 7 on the first hole!!

James Pearson.png

In the coming month one of the most important Men’s competitions in the calendar – the Club Championships – will be played for on Saturday 10th August and Sunday 11th August.

The Mug Competition, a full club championship, is for men with a handicap in the range 11-15. This is played over one round (eighteen holes) and sign-on will be from the 2nd August.

The Wooden Spoon Competition is for men with a handicap in the range 16-28.   Played over one round (eighteen holes), with sign-in also from 2nd August.

Both Mug and Wooden Spoon competitions will be played on Saturday August 10th.

 The Club Championship, for handicaps 10 and below, has three competition sections:

·      Club Championship (main event)

·      Presidents Trophy (for 6-10 handicap)

·      Senior Club Champion (over 55 years of age)

All competition sections are played over two rounds (36 holes) on Sunday 11 August.

Entry Sheets will be posted in the Men’s Locker Rooms.

 We have mentioned previously the importance of submitting score cards and entering scores into the computer system for all competitions entered, irrespective of score and including ‘no return’ outcomes. The problems created by a significant number of golfers who are not entering their scores, despite having entered the associated competition, will be discussed at the next Competitions committee meeting and decisions taken as to what action is necessary. It is a responsibility of every player under the rules of the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) to return every score. The following extract is taken directly from the CONGU Guide to the Handicapping System:

 “In order for every player’s handicap to be accurate, the player must return every score, including no returns, from all qualifying competitions both at their home club and elsewhere, and any supplementary scores at their home or away club.”

Please make sure that you comply!

 Finally, a quick reminder that signing in for Men’s Saturday competitions takes place on Thursday evenings at 6.15 pm. All male members are cordially invited to attend and a ‘key draw’ system is operated for a prize of £50

 Peter Webb – Competitions Secretary

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