Greens Notice: August, 2019


For the Greens Team it has been pretty much business as usual over the past month with the normal grass cutting programme and standard course work. We received some great feedback from a couple of the visiting parties during the month.  They had been recommended to come and play at Saltburn by word of mouth and they were not disappointed. One party travelled from Leeds. It is really encouraging to get this kind of positive commentary and we must be doing something right to attract the number of visiting parties that we have seen this season.

It was reported a while ago that the statue (golf club and bag) alongside the third tee needs some repair. After closer inspection we have found that the statue has rotted in parts and is showing signs of woodworm. Head Greenkeeper, Phil, has undertaken some minor repairs, but some more substantial work and re-painting will be necessary in the not too distant future. If we have any volunteers with the right skills and plenty of enthusiasm, it would be great to hear from them. It would be a shame to lose this feature of our course altogether.

I’m sorry to report that we have had two incidences of damage to the course over the past month. The greens on both the 5th and 9th holes have been damaged………a deep divot having been gouged out of both putting surfaces by persons unknown. This kind of damage to the course is wholly unnecessary and unacceptable and anyone found causing such damage will face disciplinary action.

Damage to the Greens

We would ask all members to be vigilant and to report anyone misbehaving and causing such wilful damage to our course.

We have also experienced some further thefts. The flag was recently stolen from the thirteenth green and a number of bunker rake stands have also gone missing from the bottom area of the course.

Finally, will male club members please note that the white marked teeing areas are for use in club competitions only. If you are not playing in a formal club competition and you have not received permission (by exception) in advance to play from the white tees, you should be using the teeing areas identified by yellow markers. Using the white tees when not playing in a formal club competition is in contravention of the club’s rules.


Don Stubbs – Greens Chair