250 Club 2019/20 Notice: September, 2019

The 250 Club has provided in excess of £70,000 to support golf club projects within the last 20 years. It is not accountable to the Golf Club Executive and does not provide funding in support of the day to day running of the club. Through its own Trustees (Allan Batts, Paul Davies and Steve Oliver) the 250 Club makes independent decisions regarding requests for the funding of projects, which come in the main from the Chairs of the House and Greens Sub-Committees. Most supported projects are for minor, but important, clubhouse and course improvements.

Sadly, the 250 Club is presently facing some challenges through changes in membership demographics amongst other things and additional members of the club are urgently required. The 250 club has played an important role over the last 20 years and to lose the contribution that it makes to the benefit of the members of Saltburn Golf Club would be extremely sad. It is in everyone’s interests to support its continuation.

The present 250 Club year commenced in April 2019 and if anyone is interested in joining, please get in touch with one of the Trustees or enquire at the Club Secretary’s office. For new members joining now the annual subscription of £26 will be pro-rated. Members can make their contributions in a number of flexible ways and in return for their membership subscriptions, members are entered into a weekly draw for a prize of £50 and a quarterly draw for £250.

An increase in our membership would help us considerably to continue our role in support of the members of the club.

Allan Batts

We Are Modest