Membership Open Communication Article


Our President, Charlie Bell and members of the Saltburn Golf Club – Executive Committee are keen to improve communication between the various committees and working groups that manage the affairs of the Club and club members. Going forward, it has been suggested that a number of ‘Open House’ forums are arranged to provide the opportunity for members to come along and question or just talk openly with committee representatives about what is going on and the work that is being performed by the club. This suggestion is being looked into and further detail should be provided in the next Newsletter.

To help build connection between members and committee / working group representatives, if you should have any questions, clarification requests or constructive comments that you would like to pass on to the relevant committee or group, please e-mail your thoughts to Club Secretary, Julie Annis, and she will re-direct them to the appropriate contact. Julie’s e-mail address is:-

For those members who do not have an e-mail address, please write out a brief communication note and leave this at the Club Office. Most importantly, whether you use e-mail or a written note, please make sure that you include in your communication a subject heading for Julie to send the question or comment to the appropriate person. Subject headings should be picked from the following list:-


Subject Heading                                            Addressed to / Response By

Golf Club Management                                     President & Executive Committee

Club & Business Administration / General         Secretary / Business Manager

125th Anniversary Programme                           Captains – Les Manship & Susan Fleck

Course                                                             Greens Committee & Chair (Don Stubbs)

Social Events                                                    Social Working Group (Katie Clark)

Finance                                                            Finance Committee & Chair (John J Dunn)

Competitions / Handicaps                                 Competitions Committee & Chair (Peter Webb)

Clubhouse & Facilities                                      House Committee & Chair (Fred Pattison)

Marketing, Social Media & Communications      Marketing / Social Media & Chair (Dale Smith)


For matters relevant to the Professional and the Catering Franchise, Club Professional, Mike Howes and Catering Franchise Manager, Simon Nixon can be approached directly.

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