Sagepay (A way to pay your Golf Club Fees and even some Comp Entries using your Credit/Debit card - without coming in to the office!)

 Many of you will have already used our new Sagepay system on the website but for those who haven’t come across it yet here is some info.

 Some of our members, who wish to pay their Membership Subscriptions by Debit/Credit card, have difficulty getting to the club in office hours. Sagepay has been introduced to alleviate this problem. Once your bill is raised you can either follow the link on the emailed bill or log in to your account to pay.

We introduced Sagepay in December so that we could trial it with our January Membership Subscriptions. It has been very successful – especially as it reduces processing times and is recorded immediately. We are now using it to pay for certain competitions and will be continuing to add what you can pay for as we go along. Please give it a go.

Sara Nelson – Business Manager

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