Members Interest: July, 2019


Golf – A Character Builder!

I joined Saltburn Golf Club in 2017 – my first club membership after playing social golf from time to time.  At the time my son, Charlie was 2 1/2 years old and I had got him his first set of clubs - a set of £2.99 plastic ones from Poundstrecher. Straightaway he showed some natural talent and seemed to be able to hit ball after ball around the garden. A couple of weeks afterward we needed to upgrade him to a set of half metal and half plastic clubs and move from the garden to the field in order to avoid breaking windows!  Charlie and I are extremely close and he quickly took a keen interest when I headed out to play in a Saturday competition. He had a real desire to be on the course with me so I promised him I would see what I could do when he turned 3. For Charlie’s third birthday we got him his first proper set of clubs and from that point onwards he was absolutely hooked. I approached our club professionals, Mike and Liam regarding Charlie playing on the course and showed them some videos of him playing. They were amazed at his skill for such a tender age.

Since then Charlie has come on leaps and bounds as a golfer and as a young boy. Much of this is testament to Liam for his fantastic efforts as junior coach when he was at the club.  In 2018 Charlie competed in the Saltburn Eclectic Championship and won the Division 3 Junior Champion title at just 4 years old. Charlie was offered the opportunity to be presented with a trophy at the annual presentation night and as his father, this was probably my proudest moment!

We now both get pleasure from playing golf 4 times a week together and sharing a drink and snack afterwards in the clubhouse. Charlie’s conduct on both the course and the club house is fantastic and many of the members who have met us will ask about him and how he is getting on. Through Charlie I have met many new friends at the club and together with Charlie’s Mam, Helen we can’t thank the people at Saltburn Golf Club enough for being so welcoming.

Happy golfing!

Graham Curry

(We now also have another future golfer, Archie!)


125 Hole – Anniversary Challenge

The challenge was to raise funds for Epilepsy UK. Chris Allinson, a former SGC member passed away in his sleep in November last year following a seizure. He leaves behind a six-year-old daughter, so half of the funds raised that we have raised will go towards his daughter’s future.

Neil Russell (Cleveland Golf Club) and I arrived at the club at 3:45am. On Tuesday 25 th June. Visibility was about 50 yards due to thick fog. Peter Blair kindly volunteered to come along as starter. At 4:10am we set off, hitting a 9 iron - just so that we could find our balls.

The next person we saw was green keeper Alan, as we were coming up the 16th on our second round (just after 8am). I imagine he was thinking “who are these two idiots out in these conditions”!

We played the first 4 rounds straight off before having a half hour break for lunch at 1pm. Then we went straight into the last 3.

Welcome support was provided throughout the day by Peter Blair, Charlie Bell, Jason Jones, Neil Bowman, Andy Hassack (who brought beer!!) and my wife Mandy. This was really appreciated and kept us going.

After fog, drizzle and rain for the first 6 rounds, at least we could see where we going for the final 18 holes and we finished the challenge at 8:30pm. 35.9 miles, 71,188 steps, 126 holes and only 2 lost balls (one each) later, we completed the challenge.

Although final figures are still to be determined due to some very welcome late contributions

coming in, we already know that Neil and I will have collected well in excess of £1,000 for our cause.

Our sincere thanks to all that have made donations.


I’m just glad it wasn’t the SGC 150 th Anniversary!

Darren Nalton

Cover Up

For golfers, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing on a warm, bright, sunny day. However, as pleasurable as this is, long periods of exposure to sunlight is risky, unless appropriate precautions are taken. A number of years ago the hazards posed by the harmful ultra-violet spectrum in sunlight were less well known than they are today and a number of our fellow members at Saltburn Golf Club are known to have been treated, or are still receiving treatment for the damage that ultra-violet rays can cause to unprotected skin. A campaign to raise awareness of the risk of skin cancer to those involved with golf was launched in May 2019 by the Melanoma Fund and goes under the name of “Slip! Slap! Swing! Further information can be obtained by visiting the Melanoma Fund website via the following link:

It is hoped that by raising awareness of the potential risks of skin cancer and promoting the use of skin protection, we can keep golf a safe and healthy sport for all.

As part of the work being undertaken by the Marketing & Social Media team, the club is keen to ensure that reviews of the course and associated facilities from visiting golfers are appropriately captured and taken into account for the future benefit and improvement of the club. The views of club members are equally important and internal reviews can be undertaken and posted via the

In Memory of Past Members and Friends

David Morris 

It is with regret that we announce the passing of David Morris, who died on

Tuesday 25 th June 2019, aged 79.

David was a full 7 day member of Saltburn Golf Club. 

We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Beryl and family.

His funeral arrangements will be announced once known.

We Are Modest