Members Interest: August, 2019


Golf - It’s in the family!

My son Dale and I started to play golf over 20 years ago when Dale was about 10 years old. We were inspired to play by my father who played at a local club where Dale came through the junior section and his target was always to get his handicap low enough so that he could play in the senior competitions with his grandad.
We originally moved to Saltburn Golf Club in 2010 and Dale is now my partner for the mixed competitions and we try to enter as many of the Saltburn Golf Club mixed competitions as possible.
Saltburn Golf Club has always been a very friendly, welcoming golf club and we love the driving range and practice areas although I think Dales patience is running out on teaching me how to get out of the bunkers! He now needs all of his patience for our next family generation of golfer - his son, Seve, who despite not quite being 3 years old yet, is already mad keen on golf and loves to come with us to the driving range and practice area!

Pearl Crossen

Dale, Pearl and Seve

Dale, Pearl and Seve


Quiz Dates – 2019

Please note the following quiz dates for the remainder of the year:

Friday 13th September

Friday 25th October

Friday 22nd November

Friday 27th December

Regular Saltburn Golf Club quizzers will be attending no doubt, but any new members and teams would be more than welcome. Why not come along, give it a try and have a fun night in friendly company.

An Interested Spectator?

This spectator was snapped cooling it’s feet when the Men’s – McBain Cup Final was teeing off on Saturday July 20th

bird bath.png

As part of the work being undertaken by the Marketing & Social Media team, the club is keen to ensure that reviews of the course and associated facilities from visiting golfers are appropriately captured and taken into account for the future benefit and improvement of the club. The views of club members are equally important and internal reviews can be undertaken and posted via the

In Memory of Past Members and Friends

Geoff Myers sadly died on the evening of Monday 8th July. He was 77 years old and still an active playing member of Saltburn Golf Club. Members may know Geoff for his involvement over the years with the nest boxes that are positioned in many locations throughout the course. He leaves three gown-up children and grandchildren and will be sadly missed by those who knew him.

Colin Sewell sadly passed away on the evening of Saturday 13th July. He was 83 years old and had been a member of the club from 1984 until January this year.

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