Presidents Update: May, 2019


An unusual request for this time of year but the course could do with a drop of rain on it!!

No doubt you will have seen our greens staff watering the greens, which in April is not normally part of their work schedule. Let’s hope we get some rainfall (overnight of course) sooner rather than later.

 The course is beginning to look like it does in July/August rather than early spring, but it is great to see so many people playing in warm sunny conditions. The course in my opinion is looking very good in overall terms but I believe we can all help to improve its appearance. I would like to remind everyone to repair their pitch marks and divots not only on the fairways but on the tees as well.

 Litter around the course is becoming a problem, in particular discarded cigarette ends. I was teeing off on the 13th tee recently and there were two cigarette ends on the tee. These had obviously been left by club members, as it was during a Saturday competition. Our tee boxes also get littered with broken tees and there are many other items of litter scattered across the course. It is our course and it is everyone’s responsibility to help to keep it in tip top condition. So please, play your part and either take your litter off the course or put it in the boxes that are provided.

Finally, congratulations to John Gatenby ,Tony Henderson and Denise Richards for hole in ones at the 9th, 18th and 2nd respectively during April.

Charlie Bell - President

We Are Modest