The House Committee


The House Committee is responsible for managing the upkeep of the Saltburn-by-the-Sea Golf Clubhouse, the surrounding facilities (car park etc.) and associated infrastructure. The committee and its volunteer supporters have been busy over the last few years……in fact they are always busy!

‘Housework’ is particularly important, not just to maintain the standard of clubhouse and other facilities to the satisfaction and for the benefit of club members, but also to create the best possible ‘first impression’ of Saltburn-by-the-Sea Golf Club for visitors. Last year saw the completion of a major clubhouse kitchen refit. A major expenditure for the year, the kitchen refurbishment was long overdue and necessary to address ageing equipment and a number of electrical issues. Completion of the kitchen refurbishment programme, although not the only factor (there was also a lot of hard work by the catering franchisee and staff!), helped to deliver an improvement from 2 star to 5 star in the golf club kitchen hygiene rating. The snooker room was also given a work-over providing an additional dining / coffee area alongside the remaining snooker table, which will be re-covered when budget is available. Incidentally, the House Committee would like to thank Ian Bedford, who brushes and cleans the snooker table cloth every week.

In recent times new, brighter, spotlights (modern LED / long-life) have been fitted in the bar area and the bar is scheduled for a paint job when funding permits. Lighting has also been addressed and improved in the Alan Barrett Suite, with the installation of fewer but brighter and dimmable spotlights. Painting work in the Alan Barrett Suite is imminent and may well be completed by the time this newsletter is published.


Looking forwards, when the weather gets a little dryer and warmer, the House team will be tackling refurbishment of the Alan Barrett Suite balcony, for which a new replacement clock is planned…………more information about this in the May Newsletter! Weeding and the general tidiness of the car park will also be receiving our attention.

The House Committee is typical of the number of committees, sub-committees and working groups that make things happen at Saltburn Golf Club and make it such an enjoyable golf club for its members and visitors. It is wholly dependant on volunteer effort and the golf club simply could not function without the dedication and commitment of the many volunteers who freely give their time and effort. Availability of adequate funding is always an issue and the House Committee typically works wonders with a limited budget by, where practical and safe to do so, undertaking a lot of the maintenance and other work directly rather than through incurring expense by engaging contractors. You will often see Fred Pattison, John Dunn and other members of the House team around the clubhouse……..there is usually something happening almost every day. Our thanks are due to Fred Pattison, John Dunn, Geoff and Penni Hugh, Richard Rowland, Carol and Tony Loughran.

Fred Pattison – House Chair

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