Responsibility for the management of Saltburn Golf Club competitions and the golf handicapping system has changed in recent times. Peter Webb has taken over the reins from John J Dunn, with John moving to chair the Finance Sub-Committee. Many thanks to John for all of his hard work as Comps. Secretary over the past years. Although John will be kept busy in his new finance role and he will continue to support Fred and the House team, Peter will, without doubt, not let him escape that easily and will continue to rely on him for advice on competitions, specifically computer input. Although Peter has prior experience as Competitions Secretary from a number of years ago, most of the work then was done with pencil and paper. In any case John has experience of managing the competitions and handicapping using the present ‘digital age’ systems and his continued input and support to Peter will be invaluable until he gets up to speed.


Entry for many Saltburn Golf Club competitions, whether they be competitions for Gents, Ladies, Rabbits, EGGS etc., is now carried out on-line. It is appreciated however, that a small number of members do not have computers and we would like to reassure those members that they are not forgotten. if you wish to enter a competition please come to the clubhouse, select the competition you wish to enter and pay in the club office or at the bar, where a receipt book is kept. The organiser of the competition will receive your entry and process it accordingly.

The first competition of the season is now not far away and will be held on Sunday 7th April. This will be the Captain vs Vice Captain Match, with Ladies and Gents playing on the same date.

Competition tees will then be in play from 7th April onwards and the handicapping system will again be in use, for review and handicap revision, after this date.

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