A Word From Our President


Dear Members,

 It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Saltburn-by-the-Sea Golf Club Newsletter.

 I am really looking forward to the year ahead for the Club, which includes the 125th anniversary. There are various activities taking place throughout the calendar to celebrate this fantastic occasion.

 It was an honour and a privilege for me to be elected as President by the members of this great Club in December 2018. Since my election there have been a number of changes to the membership of the Executive Committee. My sincere thanks to those who have stepped down for their commitment, dedication and hard work they have given to the Club over the years. A particular thanks to past President, Dave Tongue, who worked hard and used his knowledge and experience to keep the Club in good financial shape throughout the many years of his presidential term.

 I stated at the AGM that I would strive to build a team around me to continue to build on the solid foundations the Executive Committee had already put in place. Consequently, a number of members, with a broad range of knowledge and skills, indicated their willingness to get involved in the running of the Club in a variety of ways. In early January a “meet and greet” session was held where those members had the opportunity to meet the Executive Committee and discuss their roles and responsibilities. It also gave members the opportunity to raise any issues they felt may improve the running of the Club. A common theme taken from the session was improving Club communication. As a result, our newly formed Marketing Committee suggested the re-introduction of a monthly Club newsletter. We are also looking at other methods to improve communication to ensure members have a voice.

 The Marketing Committee, led by Dale Smith, includes a number of our younger members. I am delighted that the younger members are getting involved in the management of the Club. The Marketing Committee have been responsible for producing this newsletter and I am grateful for the contribution the editorial team have made.

 One of the main elements of our marketing strategy is to help sustain and improve the financial stability of the club. With this in mind, the committee is in the process of improving our website to provide more information that will attract new members and visitors. The newsletter will also give the Club, catering franchise and golf club professional the opportunity to highlight the great course, provision and facilities we have on offer.

The Executive Committee is currently reviewing the governance of the Club to ensure that the structure, policies and procedures are in line with recommendations from the English Golf Association. I look forward to updating members on our progress in due course.

 Finally, I want to offer my gratitude to all the volunteers who help the Club. Their commitment cannot and must never be underestimated. I would also like to thank Sara, Julie, Mike, Liam, Simon, Phil and his team for their continued hard work in supporting our great Golf Club. 


Charlie Bell - President

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