The House Committee Update: September, 2019


The House budget remains in a reasonable condition, with a few minor repairs having been undertaken within the clubhouse, mainly leaks in toilet areas. Some comments have been made about bar tops being sticky and dirty but this is certainly not a cleanliness issue. The stickiness is due to water/ drink spillages which, over many years, have lifted the varnish on the bar tops. We are looking at options to resolve the problem and will keep members informed.

Could we request members to please look after the changing rooms by depositing any litter they may have into the bins. It has often been noticed, after the cleaners have done their work, that rubbish has been left on the seats.  This creates a very poor impression for visiting players and visiting teams – please help us to foster a favourable view of Saltburn Golf Club by keeping the place tidy.


The next House meeting will be on Tuesday 10th September where we can start planning our work schedule for the winter months.  The Key draw has very kindly donated a sum of money to the House team to purchase a strong robust hot air hand blower. This will replace the one in the men‘s toilet area (the Key draw is held on a Thursday evening, when the men sign on for the next Saturday competition. If you have not been then come along and give it a try). The season is now coming to a close and we have about 13 weeks to Christmas. Notices will be going up around the clubhouse for Christmas party nights - please support them with family, friends, or groups that you play with. More information about the social events will be given in the next issue.

Club House with hanging baskets
We Are Modest