The House Committee Update: October, 2019


Unfortunately, the House Sub-Committee meeting scheduled for 10 th September had to be postponed due to illness and Committee member holiday commitments. A new date will be set in the first 2 weeks of October.

Various quotes are being put together for priority jobs, in readiness for approval should funding be available. The main concern is identifying what replacement furniture is required in the bar and snooker room. This is also a requirement for the Allan Barrett lounge. Work on the bar tops is now becoming a real priority and this may be completed using budget funds.

Should any member wish to help on the House committee then please get in touch. Skills are not essential, but it is handy if you have one.

Following the electrical inspection of the clubhouse facilities, any significant remedial items have now been rectified - this puts us in good shape for the next five years.

Most of the continuous house repairs and ongoing maintenance, where possible and safe to do so, is undertaken by members of the house team or volunteers. We do appreciate however, the valued advice that we get from both Barrie Garbutt and Geoff Brown. I would also like to thank both John Nelson and his son Tom who are dual trained in electrical and plumbing. They have used their skills to perform a list of electrical and plumbing jobs at the golf club for which we are most grateful.

Looking forward we are nearly coming to the end of the season, but golf continues. Please make sure that you secure your valuables and do not leave items in the locker room.

To finish on a high note, the Environment Health Team (EHT) from Redcar and Cleveland Council paid a visit to the club on Thursday 19 th September. A full environment inspection of the kitchen and equipment was carried out and various questions were put to the catering staff team. The Franchisee Simon Nixon, Head Chef Liam and all of the bar staff are to be congratulated on maintaining a high degree of hygiene and food handling. This has resulted in the Club retaining its 5 - star rating for the next 2 years.

Club House with hanging baskets
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