The House Committee Update: July, 2019


The House team have been putting together a ‘wish list’ of projects and other work that might be undertaken on the clubhouse and infrastructure for the benefit of the club. Our overall aim is always to keep the clubhouse in good condition for members and visitors. Money is always in short supply and we need to ensure that we spend wisely and prudently. As the House Chair I am proud of the achievements of the team and its band of support volunteers, in managing to halve expenditure in recent times.

We will complete a condition survey of the external fabric of the clubhouse in July. We already know that some seven double glazed windows in the main clubhouse corridor will need replacing together with most of the doors. Associated woodwork on window frames and sills will also need substantial replacement or repair.

We have completed a couple of small but essential items of maintenance during June – painting of cement floors at the halfway house and replacement of a support post to the right of the alcove opposite the men’s locker room door, which had rotted and dropped by some 50mm.

The House Committee works very closely with the catering franchisee and his team. We have an important relationship based on mutual trust and respect and there is very rarely a day that goes by where we do not talk to each other about one or two matters. The service provided by the franchisee, Simon Nixon and his team is a critically important part of the overall service offering from Saltburn Golf Club and it is in our interests to support the catering team in whatever ways we can. It is in our mutual interest to ensure that there is a healthy diary full of external functions

(weddings, funerals, birthdays, christenings etc.) ………. a busy calendar of events is a sign that the

club, and not just the catering franchise, is being successful. Whilst we always strive to ensure that

club events and external functions are mutually accommodated, there was an unfortunate double booking recently. This is regrettable, but we are all only human!

Thank you for your support to the House Committee in the year to date – we look forward to sharing with you our ‘wish list’ of forward projects in the next Newsletter.

Fred Pattison – House Chair


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