Greens Notice: July, 2019


The poplar trees around the 15 th green will have been felled by the time that this Newsletter has been published. The roots from these trees have spread under the 15 th green and have also encroached into the local land drains and into the bunkers. Further tree felling is planned at the rear of the 9 th tee where the conifers are well overgrown and are stopping air from circulating on the teeing area. The Greens team are also looking to cut back bushes to allow more use of the left-hand side of the 9 th teeing area.

We are already planning winter work in consultation with Phil and the team. We should soon have a summary sheet that will be available for members to see what work we propose to complete at the end of the season.

Sprinkler system - major repairs have been carried out over the last month. The work has been expensive and we are just awaiting final costings. However, this was urgently required due to various controls, sprinklers, cable faults, valve etc. all needing attention and repair. During the early part of the season our greens staff were hand watering the affected areas of the course and this was time consuming and prevented the team from undertaking other work.

Course update - Alan Harrison, a fellow member and retired head greenkeeper, has kindly volunteered to assist with cutting the green fringes and approaches. This arrangement is starting on Friday 21 st June and will hopefully continue for the rest of the summer. This will make a massive difference both aesthetically and to the quality of approach shots into the greens.

Staked trees on the 1 st hole - Members will have noticed the stakes have been removed along the left-hand side of the first fairway. The trees are now well established and don’t need protecting anymore.

Finally, we had another attempted break in to the greenkeeper’s sheds during June. Although the attempted break-in was unsuccessful, this is more than just annoying since the cost of insurance has increased considerably due to the thefts and attempted thefts that we have experienced over the last few years. Further security measures are being discussed by the greens committee.

Don Stubbs – Greens Chair