Adult Membership 2019 Prices

For Ladies & Gentlemen over 30 years old:

  • 7 Day Adult £736
  • 6 Day Adult £665 (Monday - Friday & Sunday)
  • Flexi Member £285 price from 1st January 2019
  • Country Membership £395 (Must reside a minimum of 50 miles from the club)


Intermediate Adult Membership

For Ladies & Gentlemen aged between 17 & 30:

  • 7 Day 17 - 24 years old (Anyone) £310
  • 7 Day intermediate 25 - 30 years old £480

Flexi membership includes 12 rounds after which a reduced green fee applies. There are also some restrictions on membership benefits.  Membership runs for 12 months, from when in the year you decide to join.  A full list of competitions you can/cannot enter can be provided for men and ladies.


Rules for Flexible membership

Junior Membership

For Girls & Boys aged up to 18:

  • Student Membership £199 (aged 17 & 22) F/T Education
  • Youth Membership £99 (aged 13 - 16)
  • Junior Membership £60 (12 and under)

No Joining Fee

Saltburn Golf Club, in support of the English Golf Unions drive to encourage more people into Golf, and sport in general, are pleased to announce that for the immediate future there will be no joining fee.

Social Inclusion Policy

Saltburn Golf Club is open to the whole of the Community and we believe that the costs associated with membership must not represent a significant obstacle to membership, the use of facilities or full participation in our Club's activities.

Provisions are in place for potential members on low incomes to be able to participate fully in our Club's activities for less than £520 per year.

Full details and eligibility criteria can be obtained from Julie Annis (Club Secretary).

Payment Options

We have a number of payment options available :

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card - no fee
  • Monthly Direct Debit (charges apply)
  • Online Banking payment
  • ​Sage Pay
  • (we do not have facilities for taking payments over the phone) 

To become a member or for any further information our staff are here to discuss your requirements.

Contact Details

Head Professional Mike Howes - 01287 624 653

​Club Secretary Julie Annis - 01287 622 812 ext 2

Business Manager Sara Nelson - 01287 622 812 ext 3 for accounts