It is the responsibility of members and visitors to present themselves with clothing and footwear, which is smart, clean, tidy and appropriate.


1.     Golf shoes of an appropriate pattern with either metal or soft spikes are the only acceptable footwear.

2.     Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless worn under waterproofs. (plus 2 and plus 4 trousers with appropriate socks are acceptable).

3.     Shirts and blouses must have a collar. Role neck sweaters are permitted.

4.     Shirts must be tucked into waistband.

5.     Shorts are permitted but they must be tailored and smart.

6.     When wearing shorts, gentlemen must wear socks that cover the calf or white ankle sports socks.

7.     The following are not considered appropriate:

-       Blue denim jeans

-       Jeans of any colour or description

-       Sleeveless shirts for men

-       Football shirts

-       Tracksuits, leggings, tracksuit tops or jogging trousers

-       Training shoes

-       Wearing of caps back to front



The following are considered unacceptable:

1.     Trousers and skirts (of any material) that are dirty and excessively frayed and holed.

2.     Football, rugby shirts and shorts.

3.     Shorts that do not fall within the general description of tailored shorts.

4.     Dirty or holed footwear of any description.

5.     The absence of socks.

6.     Tracksuits or shell suits.


At the discretion of the Executive Committee exemptions may be given for special occasions. Saltburn Golf Club strives to maintain high standards in all aspects of its operation. It also is a club, which is inclusive to all, so long as they conform to the standards outlined above.